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The profits will return to iran where they will be distributed to the people who work in the turquoise business. A small part of the profits will go to the fund required to ship across the ocean tea tree oil for yeast infection, and some will go to advertisement across the U.S and iran. The shop online will sell the turquoise for 500 dollars per 2,000 carats (approximately 1 pound).

• if poverty rates are lowered by 10% after 1 year, we will move down to the top 20 countries, ask them to make a donation every 2 months along 12 hour yeast infection cure with the top 10 richest countries, and try selling to other countries.
If it is unsuccessful after 1 year, we will ask for more money from the top ten countries to support iran. If this is successful after 4 years, the D.I.P project what are the symptoms of a yeast infection will now rely on only itself to create, produce, and ship the boric acid and yeast infection turquoise and will no longer require donations.

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